The Next Generation Medical IT company

Medbiz IT Solutions (Pty) Ltd provides IT, infrastructure and project management services exclusively to the Medical sector. Our focus is ‘the Business of Medical’.

We provide all the IT solutions and infrastructure needed to make your Medical business work for you and your patients.

In this we operate as client’s team and as pro-active partners, building your trust in us by putting your needs first. MedBiz is vendor neutral towards any preferred or designed solutions. With our services and expertise we guide you through all aspects of Medical IT and Infrastructure solutions, from concept design to implementation, from start up to next generation upgrade.


The Next Generation Medical IT company

Medical IT

We understand ‘the Business of Medical’, and its unique requirements for you, but also your patients. We design, develop and implement functional websites and infrastructure tailored to your specific medical needs.

Email & Web Hosting
Website Design & Development
Connectivity - Fibre lines
Managed IT Services 
Infrastructure development 
Maintenance & upgrades

Project Management

Whether it is dedicated IT software and infrastructure upgrades, or complete new practices or hospitals, MedBiz offers project management services to represent you as client’s team. We ensure the job gets done according to your specifications and your needs are served! 

Computer Radiography 
Digital Radiography 
RIS/PACS (Radiology Information System) 
PACS (Picture archiving & Communications System) 
HIS (Hospital Information System)
Construction (from greenfield to upgrades)

Applications Training

Every Medical business runs on unique software solutions and applications, but needs trained staff to be able to operate them. MedBiz can assist with a variety of certified training on e.g.

Radiology Workflow Management
RIS/PACS Workflow Management
HIS Workflow Management 
Modality Workflow  Management

COVID19 Remote Support

Our services can be done remotely at a time it suits your business, minimising down time!


The Next Generation Medical IT Company

Biotech Plant Construction

Project Management

RIS/PACS Upgrades


System Integration

Medical IT

Does your Medical IT work for you…?

We offer an IT assessment to show you were current gains and risks lie.


The Next Generation Medical IT company

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Need assistance with Radiology workflow management?

We understand that IT Maintenance and appropriate training of staff are key to operate your business.